Bethesda Hospital Boynton Beach: One Stop Solution for All Your Heart and Health Concerns

Bethesda Hospital Boynton Beach, not-for-profit community hospital provides an array of services like comprehensive cancer and cardiovascular care, orthopedics, maternity services with neonatal intensive care unit, wound care, and hyperbaric medicine and much more with the help of 670 physicians in more than 40 areas of specialty.

Winner of the Daisy Award to nurses who render exceptional care and clinically precise healthcare services Bethesda Hospital Boynton Beach combines medical knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat vascular and heart diseases. From conducting non-invasive diagnose test to performing minimally invasive surgery, trained and experienced physicians and surgeons have proven their tests and treatments from time to time to provide quality heart care services to their patients.

Rendering of advanced cardiovascular services by Bethesda Hospital Boynton Beach heart specialist includes heart failure services open-heart and vascular surgery services, peripheral angiography, non-invasive cardiovascular testing, cardiopulmonary services cardiac rehabilitation and catheterization, cardiac and vascular ultrasound through advanced imaging technology, Arrhythmia management and treatment including atrial fibrillation services, Electrophysiology testing and device implants, emergency department, wellness and prevention services, cardiovascular outpatient care , Cardiac and vascular interventions, and research services.

Bethesda Hospital Boynton Beach heart department does not only provide efficient solutions to the heart disease problems of the individuals but also advocate how to take care of the heart and read warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Women, in particular, are more susceptible to heart attack warning symptoms than men. It’s been advised patient who is facing chest pain or body pain in any arm, back, neck, jaw or stomach for more than 5 minutes, should immediately be rushed to nearby emergency medical Centre.