Heart Specialist Boynton Beach: “Women Do Not Get Heart Attacks”: Are You Serious?

Heart disease does not see age, class, culture and gender before affecting any person. At present, even children who are experiencing high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol are susceptible to heart failures. Factors like smoking, genetics, diabetes, consuming junk food and much more are responsible in causing damage to arteries even to a physically fir person. It’s not always easy to recognize heart attacks, since chest pain is not the only symptom of this condition.

Heart specialist Boynton Beach with the help of dedicated medical staff and experienced medical professionals offers comprehensive non-invasive diagnose procedures. Through concierge-style care these heart specialist believes in listening to the patient thoroughly, making an accurate diagnosis and executing effective treatment plans.

Whether its invasive cardiac procedures like Electrical Cardio version, Coronary Stenting, Coronary Angiography, Right Heart Catheterization, Rotational Atherectomy or non-invasive diagnose testing like Echocardiogram, Holter and event monitoring, Electrocardiogram (ECG OR EKG), Pacemaker, Coumadin, Tilt Table Testing and much more Heart specialist Boynton Beach completely understands that heart is a complicated organ and its need to protected to avoid rising Cardiovascular deaths in USA. Heart diseases are responsible for one in a four or 600,000 deaths every year which needs to be stopped.

Resulting in millions of death every year, heart attacks are the major concern whole world wide.it is a condition which is characterized by the permanent or complete damage to the heart muscle and is also refer as myocardial infarction (MI).According to the Heart specialist Boynton Beach a person should immediately have to move to the hospital or nearby emergency medical unit if heart attack symptoms does not stop recurring for continuous 5 minutes.

Symptoms like feeling pain, pressure, squeezing sensation or heaviness in the chest, arm or below breastbone, sweating, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, arm or stomach pain, irregular heartbeats, back pain, shortness of breath should never be ignored and a patient must dial 9–1–1 or his heart specialist number to get help as quickly as possible.

Heart specialist Boynton Beach does not only known for providing world-class, state-of-art heart treatment but also advocate people through various medical blogs and resources available online to take best possible care of the heart by following simple exercise and nutritious diet tips. They help in eliminating the myths about heart failure and heart diseases which are prevailing in the community and preventing people to take required diagnose and treatment on time.