Dr. Mac Powell

Dr. Mac Powell
Mar 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Dr. Mac Powell is an innovator and educator whose passion for leading change is exhibited consistently in his work. He has always had a keen interest in social change and has exhibited great tenacity in pursuit of improving the community he serves. With an MBA from National University in San Diego and a PhD from the University of Missouri, Dr. Powell has raised to the top of the ranks in accomplishments at every position he has held.

Dr. Powell was the youngest elected President of WestMed College and was also the President of John F. Kennedy University and Bastyr University. He is also the commissioner of Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Chair of both ACE Commission on Education Attainment and Innovation and the Council of Applied Master’s Programs in Psychology.

With clinical, editorial and educational experience, Dr. Powell aims, ultimately, to make the world a better place. He has written over 100 articles on the importance of higher-education reform, clinical aspects of psychology and performance. Dr. Mac Powell is also taking the message of improving the lives of those less fortunate to a very real measure by working with Briotech, a company that offers scientifically engineered methods of mimicking HOCL- a substance currently being used to support the disaster relief effort of people affected with the Ebola virus.

Dr. Mac Powell is a powerhouse of compassion, and his life thus far is an example of just how much he tries to help others. In his free time, he mentors LGBTQ professionals to help support their progression in the workplace, and he also volunteers at LGBTQ scholarship fund. With the support of his partner, Tuan and their dog, Maximillian, Dr. Powell continues to make strides of change that make a difference to those around him.

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Dr. Mac Powell

Dr. Mac Powell

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Dr. Mac Powell is an innovator and educator whose passion for leading change is exhibited consistently in his work.

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