In these stressful days, I forget my routine work, internet, home and children . In the silence inside the ICU , I sat looking my dads face and holding his hand. He slept peacefully like a child.I remind my childhood, walking with him and holding his hand and listens about the world . He always told my granny that he. likes to spend his old days with me. My granny gave him a fake angry look and told in our culture it is not allowed also. to have a sip of water from a married daughters house. But he answered that I am his eldest son. And he proved that in time, given me the best study and life up to his limit. But each time he had faced any trouble physically and mentally , he reminds me first. In childhood It was my daily routine in my holidays to spend hours and hours in our library with a Sports week in his hand and a comic book with me. We discuss sports , politics, general knowledge, music, books and authors and his college and school days till today he shares his own true feelings with me like my childhood days I adore my dad as my hero and the ideal gentleman of any era. My heart churns seeing him sleeping like baby with all wires attached to him. I know in old age our parents became our children. What they did to us in our childhood its our duty to treat them as our child. I have read stories about the torture of parents by their children. How can a human became worse than an animal? I do not think they are humans. They are the beasts, they should be disowned by their parents. and by the society and should have rigorous punishment by the law so the younger generation will not repeat this vicious crime again. Bloods are thicker than water but how it became so thin ? Its better to be childless than. have the cruelest child to pollute the earth. But some parents are ashamed of their self respect and never complained. They suffer silently till death. But the KARMA teach the children what they did to their parents by their own children. It is the law of nature, no one can avoid it . We got our part of sufferings and good days as per our doings. So aping other culture is not bad till it pricks your soul. Be happy and be blessed.


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