Travel to Andaman’s Beaches

Andaman is a set of islands in the eastern side of India, in the Bay of Bengal. Most of the tourists traveling to islands such as Andaman go for beaches. Since islands are small land masses surrounded by lots of water, there are many beaches all around it. Visitors to Andaman get to visit many beaches, and the islands are able to host many visitors on their beaches. Amongst all the beaches in the various Andaman Islands, there are few whose names are known around the islands.

Andaman vacation to its beaches

Radhanagar Beach: This beach is the seventh most mesmerizing Radhanagar beach you will ever witness. Go around the whole world and this will be the seventh one you’ll fall in love with. You won’t be the first though, Times magazine ranked it at 7th. The seventh most loved beach around the world. The glittering sand that shines when water flows over it, the turquoise water that flows in waves over the beach’s sand and the color of the sun that dissolves into the vast waters as the sun sets at dusk. This is what tour and travel companies charge for.

Wandoor Beach: A beach very popular with vacationers who come to Andaman for a comfortable trip. Wan door has beautiful blue waves crashing over the white sand that makes up the beach. The tsunami that devastated the land years ago has created a landscape that is very appealing.Tourists also like traveling to Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park. This is a wildlife sanctuary close to the beach.

Elephant Beach: This beach is as the name suggests, an elephant’s beach. It might take a walk for you to actually discover an elephant there, but when you do, it’ll be the most exciting visit you have ever had to a beach in any country. Beyond that it depends totally on the situation where you may even be able to swim with it. Try finding a villager nearby, who can help you get closer to the elephant.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach: The greenest beach you’re going to see in the Andaman’s. Most tourists book flights to Port Blair to visit this beach. This beach is popularly visited for picnics and excursions. It is lined with many coconut groves, this is a different thing to see at a beach. Getting a coconut at a beach never had these many options and was never this fresh.

Andaman’s beaches are worth a vacation. Search and find a good Andaman tour package that gets you to at least one of these beaches. It will surely make your trip to Andaman a memorable one.

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