Clean Cut

In movies, in novels, in drama, we’re tuned to expect a clean cut story.

Things are as they should be. Neat. Ordered. Structured.

Maybe not in the details, but in the big, broad picture.

Life, though, is messier.

It just happens. Seemingly at random. Even when there’s a pattern underlying things, it’s seldom visible to us in the moment.

More often than not, they only make sense in retrospect (if then!).

I was reading an article by Dr.Paul Kalanithi, the neurosurgeon with terminal metastatic lung cancer, called “My Last Day As A Surgeon“… and couldn’t but help think,

“That’s like out of a storybook. He knew beforehand!”

Because I don’t. Heck, I don’t even know for sure that my “last day as a surgeon” is behind me.

Or my “last day” as ANYTHING.

It’s all uncertain, unclear, unpredictable.

Not clean cut.

Personally, I like it better this way. Because there’s always a glimmer… of hope. And the thrill… of anticipation.

How do you like your life? Clean cut? Or messy?

Regardless of whether you answered “clean cut” or “messy”, you’ll enjoy reading my book.