It’s My Destiny

Every man has but one destiny.” — Don Corleone, in ‘The Godfather’

Daily, in the morning I drive down Sterling Road, one of Chennai’s oldest avenues.

Each time, a mini-movie plays in my mind.

It features a long-dead classmate with a penchant for riding powerful motorcycles.

I’m standing near the old bell in med school, chatting with some friends. It’s a celebration. College Day.

I hear a loud roar behind me. Feel a whoosh, as something hurtles by, barely missing me by a couple of inches… and screeches to a stop a few yards ahead, turns left and roars towards the gate.

It was my classmate.

The guy who loved speeding on his bike.

The one who, a few months later, rode it full tilt into the back of a stationary lorry on Sterling Road.

If he had swerved just one foot to his left that evening, the impact would have fractured my ribs and skull. Probably killed me instantly. Or left me seriously wounded, maybe paralyzed for life.

At age seventeen!

Every time since then, when things seem to be going bad, I ask myself:

“What if it had happened?”

That lends a certain perspective to my current situation. And has been of great help in dealing with tough circumstances and complications.

Several decades later, I’m still around. Alive and kicking.


Because it did NOT happen.

But why didn’t it?

Who can say? Maybe because…

It’s my Destiny.

Everybody has one.

You, too.

And if you read my book, ‘The Icedrop’ you’ll be convinced about it!