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Is your liver crying for help?

 Your liver is not only the largest organ of your body (after your skin), but also your body’s main detoxifying system (it works like your car’s oil filter).

It also plays a main role in your metabolism, blood coagulation, the way your body deals with sugar, cholesterol, hormones and fats, and how it absorbs the nutrients and vitamins.

It’s very common to miss the initial cries for help from this amazing organ due to the variable symptoms that can also be part of the spectrum of many other conditions.

It’s very important to identify liver damage before it becomes irreversible.

Watch out for any of these symptoms related to liver distress/stagnation:

- Tiredness, mood swings

- Forgetfulness, blurry mind

- Constipation, bad breath, digestive painful conditions

- Skin conditions like rashes, yellow and itchy skin and allergies in general.

- High cholesterol and heart problems

- Chronic pain, brittle nails, lack of flexibility (nails, hair, bones and tendons are also affected by your liver function)

- Insomnia

- Sexual problems (Chinese medicine regards the penis as an extra tendon)

- Blurry vision

- Weight gain, sugar cravings

- Autoimmune conditions

What you eat, drink, or absorb through your skin goes through your liver. That means the water you drink, the food you eat, your medications, your household chemicals, pesticides, toxins, beauty products, and your daily habits are directly affecting your main detoxifying tool that can get clogged up (yes, the same as the car filter).

The good news is that you can reverse liver damage with some simple lifestyle modifications and regular liver flushes (detoxifying diet and supplements). One of the first things I do when I start treating a patient is to recommend a personalized liver flush. 
 It’s like a hard drive reset and de-fragmentation of the liver that will boost any of the other tools you are doing to support the achievement of your goals!

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