Mark Lewis
Jan 22 · 1 min read

Very good article. I was talking to another Tesla owner about this exact scenario. He speculates that Tesla will stop selling cars not that long after full self-driving is available. I get the impression though that you don’t follow the autonomous car segment all that closely. Waymo (Google) seems to me to be a reasonable competitor, but they are the only one. I think that you make some very good points about why Tesla advantages over Waymo, but Waymo has things that your article says they don’t. They have a service running in Phoenix that includes the user interaction with the car and the app to call the cars. What they lack is an army of cars and the final abilities to do self-driving. In this regard, you are right that Tesla has an advantage because people actually can drive their cars. Still, I think that the end-game is full autonomy and Waymo seems to be well ahead of everyone, including Tesla, in that regard. I say this despite personally loving autopilot and what it does for longer commutes.

Mark Lewis

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Computer Science Professor, Planetary Rings Simulator, Scala Zealot

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