Thirteen steps to get up – my morning routine.

This is is how I got up this morning and how I do it most mornings. It may seem mundane, but everyone does it slightly differently. I’d love to know how you get up and what works well for you.

  1. Sleep next to a toddler. They wake up like clockwork. Normally at least half an hour before the alarm goes off. If you don’t have a toddler then a general alarm clock works too.
  2. Give the toddler the iPad to watch some programmes whilst you have a little snooze.
  3. Slowly your eyes begin to focus.
  4. Promise to yourself that you’ll go to bed earlier tonight to avoid waking up tired repeating itself tomorrow.
  5. Check social media for today’s news and other general rubbish to avoid getting out of bed.
  6. Make sure you have a drink next to the bed to clear your mouth.
  7. Think through three things you want to achieve today. This provides focus.
  8. Get out of bed.
  9. Exercise. This step is optional. Normally I don’t take this option.
  10. Shower. It’s liquid sleep as Casey Neistat says.
  11. Dress.
  12. Eat breakfast. I like porridge with honey. Especially on a cold raining morning in Britain.
  13. You’re up and ready to go.

Let me me know what your morning routine is and how it makes you more productive.

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