Dear Jean-Claude Juncker
Paul Mason

The choice before us in today’s Referendum should two fold; 1)austerity or no austerity 2) Remain or Exit. We don’t have this choice, austerity is forced on us either way. Bill Mitchell advises the opposite vote in his blog yesterday;

in order to attain the same results Paul Mason desires. The result of this referendum will not demonstrate the people’s position on the fundamental questions around austerity. The debate has been appalling. A debate including Yanis Varoufakis, Paul Mason and Bill Mitchell (there must be others in Mitchell’s camp who believe we should leave for the right reasons), broadcast on the BBC and reported widely in mainstream media could have resulted in an electorate better informed to make this momentous choice. I will vote Exit in the expectation of a Remain result but will follow Yanis Varoufakis, Paul Mason and Bill Mitchell and all those who are committed to ending the neo liberal agenda

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