Dear Mark,
Jose Guzman

Hi Jose, very happy that the post had reached you, and more importantly that you liked it. Your paper was very impressive, and I thought deserving of wider knowledge among the broad swathe of people who are interested in neuroscience.

In order to make the post accessible, I had to leave out some of the more impressive technical details in the end — for example, the fact that your team did 1102 separate patch-clamp slice recordings, some of them up to octuple glass electrodes, was staggering.

Indeed, the main purpose of the publication — The Spike — is to bring proper, basic (systems) neuroscience to the general public. But I always try to put in something for the expert reader too — in this case, an hypothesis for how the motifs worked!

And if you look up my academic website at Manchester, you’ll see that I’ve a long-standing interest in network theory…