Is man-made climate change dogma or established scientific theory?
Josh McKenna

Josh, you asked those questions well. I can’t add much to Philipp Markolin and Chris Crawford constructive and detailed (and non-derisive) answers. But I can confirm as a Brit that the entirety of Europe (and its popular culture) is not divided on man-made climate change. The mainstream media do not question that climate change is man made. Climate change mitigation polices are routine EU law. Every EU country has legally binding emissions targets, defined by EU law. That climate change is man-made is taught in primary schools (my 5 year old daughter is learning about it right now).

The clincher is China: the Chinese government have made the tackling of climate change national policy. They have spent, and will carry on spending, absurd amounts of money to decarbonise their economy. Politically, they are beholden to no one. This suggests that they have independently found the evidence for climate change sufficiently compelling to act on it.