You’ve articulated very well lots of the reasons that I left academia.
Steven Senior

Thank you. And thank you for such a compelling response.

It would seem the issues with funding projects are what pushed the Wellcome Trust down the path of mostly funding Investigator type awards, to fund people long-term. But it’s not clear that their approach addresses the Matthew effect. Still, one problem at a time…

My guess is that change has to be led by private funding foundations (Gates, HHMI, Wellcome, Chan-Zuckerberg etc). Government research funding is both beholden to government spending priorities, and push back from universities, so caution is always likely. But private foundations are free to do as they will with their money. And indeed they are changing things: the foundation of eLife; the Gates Foundation strictly forbidding all non-open access publications. But they have not yet experimented with more adventurous funding systems.