What the latest fMRI “crisis” means for the rest of science

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fMRI researchers hard at work. Credit: Pixabay

To the outside observer, it can seem that fMRI research careens from one public crisis to another. Detecting brain activity in a dead salmon. Impossibly high correlations between brain activity and behaviour. Serious flaws in fMRI analysis software leading to claims of tens of thousands of papers being (partially) wrong. Finding wildly different active brain regions from the same set of fMRI scans by just varying the parameters in standard analysis pipelines. “Oof” says The Rest of Science, “glad that’s not us.”

And now a paper in Nature shows that a big groups of experts all looking at the same brain imaging data agree on almost nothing. …


Mark Humphries

Uses his brain to understand brains. Is that possible? Neuroscience: https://humphries-lab.org

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