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Camping is the perfect vacation for anyone who wants to explore the United States. When someone goes camping, they get the chance to unwind and soak up the beauty of their surroundings. The following are five of the country’s most scenic camping destinations.

Acadia National Park

Located near the town of Bar Harbor in Maine, Acadia National Park boasts approximately 50,000 acres of dense woodlands, rocky coastline, and towering mountains. Campers here can enjoy hiking on the park’s numerous trails, kayaking in the ocean, and rock climbing. While in the park, visitors may see moose, black bears, eagles, puffins, and whales.

Grand Canyon National Park

Home to one of the world’s most recognizable natural features, Grand Canyon National Park is located in the northwestern part of Arizona. Campers here will enjoy inspiring views of the colorful Grand Canyon and the scenic Colorado River. To get a closer look at this beautiful park, visitors can hike in the canyon or take a relaxing ride through it on rented mules.

Yosemite National Park

Nestled in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite National Park is renowned for its spectacular views. Campers can explore the park to see massive sequoias, the famous Bridalveil Fall, and impressive granite cliffs like El Capitan. Bobcats, bear, and black-tailed deer are just a few animals that call this park home.

Arches National Park

Just north of Moab, Utah, Arches National Park welcomes campers with stunning desert landscapes. The park’s 76,000 acres contain enormous rocks that seem to defy gravity, spires that reach the sky, and more than 2,000 colorful arches that look as though a sculptor has carved them. During their camping trip, visitors may see coyotes, jackrabbits, lizards, snakes, porcupines, and hawks in the park.

Glacier Bay National Park

Located in Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park stretches over a staggering 3.3 million acres of land and is part of one of the world’s largest protected areas. The park’s phenomenal scenery features rugged mountain peaks, untamed coastlines, breathtaking glaciers, and thick forests. Animals are very active in this park, and visitors can expect to see grizzly bears, mountain goats, moose, harbor seals, whales, and sea lions on their camping trips.

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