Looking for a higher love? Most of us like to think we are, but I’m not talking about what you think I am. I’m not referring to an enlightened, ever-present connection between two people; I’m talking about two like-minded people who know what they want, but are having difficulty finding it. Love is a uniquely human experience, and as we all know, there are different types of love. There’s love for a pet, a sibling, a parent, a best friend, a new boyfriend or girlfriend, or a husband or wife. Furthermore, different things or events can trigger the process of falling in love. These can include having something in common, whether it be a friend, music, career or a hobby/interest. The specific common thread that I’m talking about pertains to marijuana. Yes, marijuana! The dilemmas of love are challenging; add marijuana use to the mix, and dating becomes even more difficult. Challenges for marijuana users who are dating include finding marijuana-friendly singles, and then having a safe place to initially meet them. The alternative is keeping a can of Febreze nearby and having your non-marijuana friendly date wonder if you have some sort of strange fetish with deodorizers, never mind the concerned cashier at the grocery store you’re keeping employed with all of your repeat purchases. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to have a single, safe source to go where you know you’ll be meeting like-minded people? Of course it would! Well, discover the Higher Love app, a safe, professional marijuana-friendly app that connects you with other marijuana-friendlies. If you’ve used online dating before, you know people are generally not the most forthcoming about every aspect of their lives at first, and they shouldn’t be, but marijuana is a big issue. A possible deal breaker! It’s best to come clean with deal-breaker issues early on so no one wastes their time. Higher Love helps resolve this huge deal-breaker issue right off the bat. No more wondering. No more answering awkward questions that may incite a little fibbing of your answers. Complete honesty…what a relief! Here’s a screenshot from the app…

This app concept occurred to me while involved in the physician certification side of the medical marijuana community, and hearing patient after patient complain about how hard it is to meet “compatible” people. I began running the concept by a few people and received positive feedback, and now the Higher Love app is almost complete! Contact: DrMikeL96@gmail.com

Stay tuned for even more exciting features on future versions.

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