Anything can happen in one day! I embrace this philosophy. My life is a meter for this philosophy. I am a survivor of one such day that changed every little thing in my life. It crosses my mind today. For no particular reason. Except that I want to be grateful for today. Not just take today in stride. But to really thank that ugly day for making me the beautiful woman I am TODAY.

This ugly day was a long time ago … 7 years to be exact. It made me strong. It made me fight. It made me realize how much I could lose in a single moment. That was the day I held on tight to my insides. Really, I did. I used my fists to protect my body. I used my mind to protect my heart. It broke that day. My heart. It is better now. Still a bit wounded. But aren’t we all a little bit wounded when it comes to matters of the heart? Maybe. That day made me understand what could be possible in spite of loss.

So today I am just going to embrace what I do have going for me. It is a lot. And today I own my life and all that it entails. The good life I have now is viewed through my own unique lens. For in one day things can change — but I shall remember to live for today. Love for today. Tell those I love they are meaningful to me. That I can do. Even if my heart is tattered and worn it still loves and is capable of being loved. The life which I create for myself is meaningfully woven. And it can change — so I remember the gift that is today!

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