An accomplished doctor, a humble human being defines Dr M.L Saraf

There is a phrase that doctors are gods in human form on earth- Dr M.L Saraf is a living testimony of this phrase.

Along with being an eminent name in the orthopedic field, Dr. Saraf is a compassionate human being. He has an association with KEM Hospital for than 40 years.

Also, way back in 1966, he got the best science student title and Mama Hazarat by The KEM Hospital. His academic excellence did not end there. 
So, in 1968 he won the Junior Shirwalkar Medicine and Surgery Gold Medal. A series of awards and honors followed after that.

He pursued his higher studies from The University of Liverpool and there he became the first Indian in almost 60 years to receive the Norman Roberts Prize for his outstanding thesis.

A true embodiment of the virtuoso:
A man’s true character comes to notice when he contributes to the wellbeing of the society and gives priority to the progress of everyone rather than his own. Dr M.L Saraf holds a record of helping the poor strata of the society.

Also, he takes an interest in teaching students. This is why he imparts his knowledge to interns and students in various hospitals where he renders voluntary services. Not just this, many reputed colleges invite him as a guest lectures and he himself conducts a number of orthopedic workshops.

Along with all of this he is an excellent orator. He attracts audiences from different walks of life for most of his speeches. He was a part of a lot of conferences in India and around Asia as a convener. Like Asian Congress of Pediatric Surgery in 1976 and the very first workshop of A.O. workshop in India in 1978.

International workshops such as SICOT International Workshop and Ranawat’s International Total Knee Replacement Seminar were a witness to his gracious presence.

Mr. Dr M.L Saraf has plenty of knowledge in various fields and he takes a keen interest in improving social conditions generally and medically. So, he is quite an administrator that way.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given recognition to his mastery of the subject and invited him as a faculty representative in WHO seminars. 
In spite of being a surgeon, M.L Saraf takes an active interest in Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medication. He believes both are as important as Allopathy. Also, he has won an award or two for his research on the subject of fracture of spine and Sacro-Iliac T.B.

Some of Dr. Saraf’s notable achievements:
Monstuart Elphinstone Prize, 1964, Elphinstone College F Y Sc. For 1st Rank
Dr. N D Patel Clinical Surgery 1967 Seth G S Med. College KEM Gold Medal Hospital Rotary General Proficiency 1968 Seth G S Med. College KEM Gold Medal

1st Rank Holder Final MBBS 1970 University of Bombay 
1st Rank Holder 1973 College of Physicians Surgeons

All this achievements deserve special mentioning. But as per him- there is still a long way to go. He has time and again made the saying clear that a man is known by the kind of work he does. Dr M.L Saraf is a true inspiration for everyone and he has a positive impact on every life he touches.

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