Dr. M.L.Saraf has contributed tremendously to the welfare of the society

After completing his higher education from Liverpool, he joined the KEM Hospital as an honorary surgeon as well as a lecturer. He also offered his honorary services to G S Medical College as well. As an honorary surgeon, he performed over 10000 free surgeries for the poor at the KEM Hospital. In addition, he has also completed more than 7000 surgeries at the Bombay Hospital free of charge. He has achieved this feat in just over 33 years. Thus, it works out to around one and a half operation per day. That is an awesome statistic by all respects.

This would give you a clear idea about the work he has done for the poor. In this age, you find people flocking abroad after their initial education, never to return to the homeland. Dr. M.L.Saraf had this opportunity as well when he ventured out to Liverpool to pursue advanced medicine in the field of Pediatric Orthopedic surgery. However, he chose to come back to his motherland and serve the poor people of his native country. This shows that the lure of money did not attract him. His single-minded approach towards this attitude is commendable.

His philanthropy does not end with conducting free operations at the KEM and Bombay hospitals. He is aware that the real poor people cannot afford to waste precious time to visit hospitals for a cure. This made him reach out to these villagers through the arrangement of medical camps. He is also in touch with various philanthropic clubs such as the Lions Clubs and the Giants Clubs. These charitable organizations conduct many such camps in the rural areas as well as the smaller towns. Such efforts on his part have made the Rajasthan Government to adorn him with the Rajasthan Ratna.

He has a special love for children. His aim is to ensure the eradication of the dreaded polio disease from the Indian soil. He has initiated a number of steps to achieve this objective. In the meanwhile, he is doing his best to cater to the poor children by volunteering to organize camps in their area. He has his contacts in the corporate world. The corporates are also on the lookout for such ventures as part of their social obligations. The Dr. M.L.Saraf reviews confirm that he has participated in umpteen such camps all over Maharashtra and places in Rajasthan as well.

This brings out a new facet of a man dedicated to serving the nation through the noblest profession in the world, the medical profession.