Dr. M.L. Saraf — Internship at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai

The moment Dr. M.L. Saraf knocks on the door of a rural settlement in an obscure village in interior Maharashtra, a sense of well-being runs through the veins of the person opening the door. He or she becomes confident that their problem is in safe hands now. They can expect a perfect solution to it anytime. Dr. M.L. Saraf arouses this kind of confidence in every patient he examines. That is half the battle won for the doctor. Similarly, the patient feels that he has crossed the biggest hurdle in life. This explains why people tend to look at doctors as the manifestation of the divine.

Doctors are as human as you and me. However, for the poor patient, a doctor is the messiah. Dr. M.L. Saraf had observed this fact when he doing the internship at the KEM Hospital in Mumbai. The money factor is very tempting to any person. A doctor is a vulnerable person in many ways. In fact, he can demand any sum from the patient.

The patient does not have any other option than to pay. He can consult another doctor. However, is there any guarantee that the second doctor would be better than the first one? Dr. M.L. Saraf had seen all these gimmicks during his internship. He decided at that moment itself that he would be offering the best possible services to the poor without expecting anything in return.

To have such dreams as a student is one thing. To ensure that the dream materializes is something different. This was a challenge. Dr. M.L. Saraf loves challenges. He had gone to London to study. No one would have questioned him if he chose to practice in the UK. However, Dr. Saraf had to answer his conscience. He came back to India to fulfill the dreams of serving the poor. He does the same even today, even thirty-eight years later. He has operated on more than 20000 patients free of cost. How many people in the world do that today? You may be able to count the numbers on your fingertips. You would understand the magnitude of his sacrifice if you were to undergo an orthopedic operation at any hospital in the city today.

Dr. Saraf just loves his patients. You have to concede this fact. Otherwise, who would have the patience and the determination to treat such a vast magnitude of people free? Naturally, the Governments take cognizance of this fact. The Rajasthan Government decided to honor its son by bestowing the Rajasthan Ratna on Dr. M.L. Saraf. If you read the various Dr. M.L. Saraf reviews, you would find the mention of such awards aplenty. However, Dr. M.L. Saraf did not have this objective in mind when he started out treating the poor. He believed in the policy of performing one’s duty without expecting the outcome arising out of it. He is a firm believer of the theory that one does not have any control over the fruits of his action. You have to do your duty. The results are not there in your hands at all.

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