Christian musician — Hold it lightly

I love Jesus and I write songs about Him and how God meets us in our humanity. Right now I’m touring with Winterjam, one of the biggest tours in the world and it’s incredible in so many ways but God has been reminding me of something important, something I feel all Christian artists need to think about.

God takes us into seasons, through them and into others as part of His wonderful plan to draw us closer to Him and to see His name being made much of throughout the earth. Typically, it goes something like this. God gives us gifting and abilities and as we walk in those God opens doors for us to use the talent He has given. Those open doors lead us into seasons such as the one I am in now, one that is fulfilling, exciting and fruitful. But I need to remember that seasons are not permanent, they may last a long time or a short time but what we can be certain of is that they will change, what I’m doing right now, what you are doing right now and how God is using all of us is temporary.

My advice to my own heart and yours is this. Whatever it is that God has you doing right now hold it lightly, don’t cling to it so tightly that God cannot reach into your palms lift it out and place something different in there, something new in it’s place.

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to try to smother something beautiful when we find it. Instead of enjoying the moment for what it is, we strangle it, terrified to contemplate letting it go. We hold so tightly and fearfully that we prevent God from using us in the way He knows is best.

I don’t want to hold anything God has not placed in my hands, so I will hold the opportunities and giftings He has given me lightly and trust that He will place into my hands the exact thing I need for every season the King brings me into. He knows my heart, what’s best and anything good that I have is because in love he places it there. It is His and he can give and take as He pleases.

Christian Musician, trust Jesus, Hold what God has given into your hands lightly and wait excitedly for the next time He stretches His hand down to exchange something beautiful for another, different but equally beautiful.

God bless


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