Announcing Forward Courses for JavaScript and Swift developers

Three years ago when we started running the ForwardJS conference, we had the idea to offer small-capacity instructor-led workshops along with the main conference day. We receive tons of positive feedback about these workshops, especially the quality of the content laid down by our expert instructors.

But there was always a catch: you had to schlep to San Francisco and pay to sit in a classroom. If you didn’t have the means or time to do that, you were out of luck.

Forward Courses screenshot

Now, we have a way around that. Forward Courses is a trove of information for JavaScript and Swift developers, built from the best workshops at the Forward conferences. With the approval of our instructors, these workshops have been edited into online-friendly videos and split into watchable chunks by topic.

Samer Buna’s Flux Patterns course is reliably popular

Two Dozen Courses

Because our students are geographically distributed and possess varied interests from Front-end JavaScript to Node.js to Server-side Swift to Node.js, our instructors have built out dozens of multi-part courses targeted at specific technologies. (Here’s a full list.)

React, SVG and D3 will be broadcast live, January 19

Live Workshops

For students who want the same interactivity as an in-person workshops, we host live online workshops via screenshare with live instructor interaction. Students can ask questions, respond to instructor prompts and show code interactively. Any students who can’t attend will be able to see a live recording of the workshop after the fact.

Try It Out

We’re committed to student satisfaction, so we’re giving everybody an opportunity to join and take all these courses free for two weeks.

Sign up for your free trial and let me know what you think — I’m drnugent on twitter.