gander will have to sit they ass at the table and eat, too. And like it.
Son of Baldwin

The extra privilege that a cop has been given. This privilege seems to allow them to shoot whomever, often without consequence. This privilage ought to be paired with a sense of humanity that allows them to notice that what they see in a face of a different color than their own is distorted by the lack of knowedge and trust they probably have in members of their own race, ethnic group and so forth. Sadly, very sadly this sense of humanity is often not the case in the USA. We whites know that we are almost never shot by police unless we actually point a real gun at one of them. Maybe not even then. Yet, we fail to see that even children with toy guns and fathers who try to communicate carefully with police seem to be shot if they are black.

Some of us are so foolish as to forget that our racial privilege does not necessarily extend past the borders of our country. Oh yes, so many of us are not aware of our racial privilege at all.

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