We’re hiring: Product Designers

We’re a small, ambitious team with tons of heart, and we’re looking far and wide for the right people to join us.

Help bring creative projects to life by building meaningful, thoughtful products that serve the needs of our creator and backer communities.

Open positions:

Who we are

Left: Darth Vader graced us with her presence in our design weekly meeting. Right: #Blessed to call Greenpoint, Brooklyn our home.

Our eight-person team is made up of Brand Designers, Product Designers, Senior Product Designers, Lead Product Designers, and a Design Director. We consider ourselves T-shaped in our respective skillsets — we all share a wide range of knowledge in areas like research, strategy, branding, UX, visual design, and front-end development—but we each bring a unique perspective and nuanced skills to the table. We’re committed to proactive self-education, and continually learn from each other through collaboration and workshops.

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We’re a diverse, passionate, encouraging, and inclusive group. We care about people, and share a bent for social justice. Our generous spirit and positive attitude bleed into how we run our critique sessions, how we collaborate with other departments, and how we take on new initiatives.

Lastly and most importantly, we champion and support each other no matter the circumstance—whether we’re working through complicated flows or showing up to a colleague’s standup comedy performance or helping someone through a tough life stage. As we grow our team, we’re looking for people who embody this spirit and who can help evolve our culture over time.

What we value

Kickstarter is a unique, mission-driven organization. In addition to embodying our mission & charter, here’s a brief overview of what we value as a design team:

  • People above all. 
    We observe, identify opportunities, and create solutions for our users. We are quick to test, and are not afraid of making mistakes. We favor function and purpose over form.
  • Quality through clarity.
    We hold ourselves accountable to maintaining a high standard in our work. We always design with intention, and strive for our products to be clear, accessible, and easy to understand. We sweat the details to ensure the best experience for our users, not to serve ourselves.
  • Inclusion first.
    We strive to design products that are accessible to all users regardless of culture, location, ability, impairment, or need.
  • Be collaborative and kind. 
    We collaborate with humility and respect, and assume the best intentions of each other.

Who we’re looking for

We’re seeking top-notch product designers to work on beautiful and functional tools to help our community create, discover, explore, back, and share creative projects.

  • You have 3+ years of cross-platform product design experience, with experience in using data and research to support your design decisions.
  • Your portfolio demonstrates a strong command of visual design, intuitive user experience, and strategic problem solving.
  • You are a clear, confident communicator, and can defend your design decisions to all audiences — engineers, PMs, executives, other designers, et al.
  • You’re flexible. You’re not afraid to change your thinking in the face of new information or a pivot in strategy, but you’re open to hearing other ideas and approaches.
  • You care about building upon our design process as the product industry evolves.
  • You are a creative thinker capable of translating vision and big ideas into meaningful, shippable product.
  • You value diversity and inclusion in your design process.

Bonus points:

You’re a creator. We love to work with fellow creators who are excited about having a visible impact on our diverse creative community. Being a creator helps you empathize with our users, and also makes for interesting conversation with the many writers, musicians, and artists who work here.

You’ve already designed for i18n and a11y. Kickstarter is a diverse and inclusive international company that serves an ever-growing community of backers and creators. We value experience in designing for a product that values internationalization, localization, and accessibility.

Interested? Apply below:

We’re hiring for these roles right now, but Kickstarter is always looking for talented, thoughtful people so don’t hesitate to reach out. To stay in touch for future open positions, visit our Jobs page and follow us on Twitter.

Special thanks to Nicole Yeo, slim and Zack Sears for helping edit and proof read this.