Katie has been at Envoy for almost eight months but if you ask around, it’s felt like longer based on the impact she’s already had on the company. I recently sat down with her to talk about how being detail-oriented led her to become a designer, her advice for younger designers, and how she created a community of waffle lovers at Envoy.

Katie Riley, everyone.

Hello Katie. Tell us in your own words what you do at Envoy.

I’m a Product Designer. I think my design process is pretty textbook… I really like being close to the product side of product design, maybe not everyone likes that? I used to tell people to just treat me…

We’re a small, ambitious team with tons of heart, and we’re looking far and wide for the right people to join us.

Help bring creative projects to life by building meaningful, thoughtful products that serve the needs of our creator and backer communities.

Open positions:

Who we are

And why designers should start using it.

This past week I’ve been playing around with a Javascript-based prototyping tool called Framer. It’s really easy to get it running if you read through the documentation. It’s also pretty easy if you’re already pretty familiar with Javascript.

Framer.js was built by Koen Bok, it is a great tool for any designer looking to flesh out an interaction of an interface. Framer, also integrates with Photoshop (there is a Sketch plugin), so it’s easy to export assets and begin prototyping with them as objects in Javascript. …

Pedro Carmo

🇧🇷 senior product designer @slackhq — formerly @envoy, @simple, @kickstarter, etc.

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