I think the main reason people switch jobs is to have a sense of control over their careers (and…
Hasen el Judy

I think the most common reason people hop jobs is primarily money. If you take a job, work there for 5 years, you will inevitably find that you would receive a very substantial raise by moving employers. The rate of compensation growth, when it exists at all, falls so far short of the rate of appreciation of the value of experience (shorter even than simply the rise in cost of living, so you effectively make less after 5 years then you did when you started) that not switching jobs becomes a downright foolish move, increasingly so with every additional year. By all reason, the fact that your experience has increased and that experience is specifically domain-specific experience in a given company SHOULD translate into a wage that simply cannot be matched by any other company… but that flies in the face of the received wisdom of business that employees must be arbitrarily interchangeable or else they become a liability to the company.

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