What web framework should I learn?
Dave Smith

In my career I have encountered far, far more people who work development like labor than those who view it as something they are personally interested in. Most prefer to use computers very little outside of the workplace. And the worst part is that this is precisely what employers want. Everything about how software engineers work was imported from the labor market.

Don’t expect employers to begin providing the resources for developers to branch out and learn new things. Expect employers to disappear. Developers working with a dynamic team, collaborating via the Internet, can run circles around any employer that tries to fit software engineers into this labor-derived mold with 40 hour work weeks done in 8 hour contiguous chunks in a central place, the team limited based on geographic proximity, etc. If economic forces of productivity and profitability really do drive how industries evolve, the future of software is definitely not interchangeable cogs with static skillsets gathering in open floor plan office buildings overseen by half a dozen layers of non-technical management.

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