You have to stop.
Sarah Stockdale

“Burnout is occupational depression.”

Couldn’t have defined it better… really appreciate you sharing this story Sarah.

After reading through it and seeing this quote, realized that I went through a similar period in 2015.

“[M]en tend to experience cynicism first, then exhaustion. Interestingly, many of the men in the study kept working because they didn’t feel as though the symptoms from the first two stages impacted their quality of work.”

Masked in an otherwise positive story I wrote last year, I faced pretty tough burnout and turned to meditation as one of the key antidotes.

In conjunction with meditation, I’ve also found embracing certain elements of the Stoic system of thinking to be really helpful at managing my mental stressors.

Overall, the most helpful change meditation and stoicism has generated for me is I now consciously try to tone-down (and maybe completely eliminate one day…) negative self-talk.

For example, if I made a mistake, instead of saying “Daniel, you’re so stupid” in my head, I’ve tried to reframe those thoughts as “Daniel, that was a stupid thing that do you did”.

This slight shift in language reminds me that lots of people make mistakes, most are reversible, and ultimately it’s not anything innate within myself that sometimes causes stupid things to happen.

Such a tiny tweak in thinking has paid dividends in-terms of stress reduction, self-confidence and so far burnout :-)