It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Antonin Scalia never said that Blacks “should go to slower schools.” He talked about the well known social theory of mismatching, well supported by actual data: that affirmative action makes a lot of intelligent black people fail at college because they’re promoted to institutions where all the other students have better SAT scores and do better than them at school. So people that according to their SAT scores would do well in second-tier colleges are admitted in first-tier colleges and fail ther, and people who would do well in third-tier colleges got promoted to second-tier and fail and so on.

Of course this theory could be wrong, but it is a theory backed, among others, by Thomas Sowell, who in terms of blackness is behind nobody. So don’t insult the memory of Anthony Scalia lying about what he really said to promote you viewpoint, because if you need lies to make your point maybe it’s because your point is deadly wrong.