HERE, LET ME PROVIDE A MAP, COMPASS AND FLASHLIGHT FOR YOU: “Most of the black scientists in this…
Bill Foley

Writing in caps doesn’t makes you right. First of all, let’s put the beginning of the quote:

“One of the briefs pointed out that most of the black scientists in this country…”

So Scalia was talking about the arguments of one of the briefs the Court has received, not something that he had made up. Of course, that brief was about the mismatch theory, that is controversial but hardly racist, unless we consider as racist everything the Left disagrees with. Of course I´m not saying that mismatch theory is right. It makes sense to me, but a lot of times the things that makes sensee to us are false, so I don´t know. Politifact reviewed that quote and found it half true, by the way.

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