Five jobs in two years
Casey Lentz

Don’t sweat it my man, life’s too short to work for shitty people, or on bad projects. I too have gone through this, and found that “sometimes the right fit finds you” not the other way round. I working my ass off right now, but it’s feels great because I genuinely feel as though I am learning tons. I’ve got to imagine you are the same way. Lazy developers breed lazy development, sloppy code, outdated practices, and headache. Don’t stand for it.

Change, in itself, can also be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes you don’t see how much better you can do until you walk away, or, get pushed out. There are so many development shops, and gigs out there, that one can afford to be picky. I would encourage you to adopt the thought process of “I am interviewing this firm to see if I want to work there” rather than the other way round. When you have chops (and you do), you can, and should be picky. Once I adopted that mindset, the world changed for me.

Voicing concerns is integral in rapid build processes. If they are stuck in old, or half-assed ways, they will self destruct, and you have done yourself the favor of not being around for the slow, brutal decline is all. Doing things the right way, and doing things the wrong way usually take the same amount of effort when it’s said and done, one just results in happier clients and teams, and one ends in, well, you know what it ends in already.

I mean, sometimes you gotta eat a soup sandwich, but if your cafeteria has them on special daily, find a better cafeteria. I mean, how hard is it to make a good sandwich man….

Also, on an unrelated note, I just bought a 15 year old minivan, and would like to drive down and kick it in Cali with you and Em soon….

In the immortal words of Tupac “keep yo head up” playa.