ShareIt Features: Did You Know All These Features ?

We know ShareIt Android App and ShareIt features after Android into the market. ShareIt is a file sharing android app, that lets the user transfer or share files between the two smartphones. It can share files between an Android and iOS device. To transfer files between the PC and smartphones, you can use ShareIt for PC application available on the Shareit official website.

ShareIt is the most downloaded app in the file sharing category in the Play Store with a rating of 4.6. It supports all kinds of file formats and claimed to be 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It is been used by 600 million users across 200 countries. It can attain a speed of 20 Mbps to share the files.

You can even connect to your personal computer and control PPT directly using the smartphone, view photos and play music on a smartphone using a personal computer. Let’s see the features and settings of ShareIt in detail.

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Detailed Features of ShareIt:

Group Share: If the sender wants to share the files among a group, this feature lets the sender to create a group and share files to that group.

  • Tap on “Group Share”.
  • Now tap on Create Group.
  • Now, wait for others to join the group and start sharing the files.

Received: Received feature has 3 tabs, Device, Received, and History.

  • Device tab shows all the devices that were connected in past for file sharing.
  • Received tab shows all the received files and categorizes them into their respective files types.
  • History tab shows the files that are either sent or receive.

Clean Junk: Clean Junk is to clean the empty folders and cache memory created by the applications in your smartphone.

App Manager: This is inbuilt App manager in the app, it shows all the installed apps in your device and apk stored in your device.

Video Player: Video Player shows all the video files available in the device and allows to play them there itself.

Clean Junk, App Manager, and Video Player are available in More option on the app’s main screen. Tap on More option to see this features.

Connect PC: This feature is to connect your smartphone to PC to view pictures, play music and control PPT.

  • Tap on “Connect to PC”.
  • Open ShareIt PC App.
  • Find your PC and connect to it.

Web Share: It is used to share the files through a browser, receiver device must be connected to sender device hotspot.

  • Tap on “Web Share”.
  • Select the files you want to share.
  • Now share the IP address shown on your device or ask the receiver to scan the QR code to begin receiving files through the browser.

Connect to PC and Web Share are features available navigation drawer, now let’s see the features available in settings, make maximum use of them.

Features Available in Settings:

Store Location: By default, saving location is set to device internal memory, old devices have less internal memory, so it is highly useful to old devices. New devices generally have 16gb internal memory, the default location is fine for latest devices.

In case if you want to change the save location, just tap on the Storage Location and choose your desired path.

Clear caches: This feature is to clean the cache memory.

Confirm before connection: Whenever a receiver wants to join the group, this features ask sender confirmation to let the receiver join the group or deny the user.

Mobile Network Protect: Sending files requires your hot spot to be on, during this file sharing your data may be on and receiver can use your data since the receiver is connected to your device hot spot. In order to save the data, Mobile Network Protect restricts the user from using sender data.

  • Tap on the toggle to restrict the user from using your data.

Acquire New Feed Only Under Wi-Fi: ShareIt generally acquires and shows the news in its app when your 2G/3G/4G data connection is on. If you want to save your data, use this feature.

  • Tap on Acquire New Feed Only Under Wi-Fi toggle button, the news feed is acquired only through Wi-Fi now.

Cleaning Reminder: This feature shows the reminder if any duplicate files are found after the uninstallation of apps.

Language: Allows users to choose the desired language, as of now 37 languages are available in the ShareIt App.

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Advanced Features:

Prefer Same Wi-Fi Mode: Turning ON this features lets the devices share the files using a Wi-Fi network otherwise a personal hotspot network is created to share files for a faster speed.

Use this feature if the receiver devices are already to the Wi-Fi router you are connected. This saves the time.

Display Hidden Files: ON this feature to display the hidden files, Turn OFF to hide the files.

Ultra Fast Speed Mode: Ultra Fast Speed Mode shares the files with a speed of 5 times the regular speed. To avail this feature, both devices must support this mode.

To know whether your device supports ultra fast speed mode or not.

  • Open Navigation Drawer and find rocket symbol, if it is shown then your device supports Ultra Fast Speed Mode.

Transfer Channel: Transfer Channel means a medium used to share the files. 3 types of channels are available in Transfer Channel.

Single Channel is the most stable. Files are transferred one by one in this channel.

Optimized Single Channel is a deeply optimized channel. This channel is faster than one by one file transfer. Optimized Single Channel is set default in Transfer Channel settings, it is still in beta.

Dual Channels allows transferring multiple files at the same time.

Hotspot Encryption: Encrypts the hotspot connection for safe file transfer. Both sender and receiver must be upgraded to the latest version.

Wi-Fi Direct: This a Beta feature in ShareIt App. It enables to use Wi-Fi direct for file transfer.

Originally published at on August 15, 2017.