droidcon NYC 2018 — program, keynote, enterprise & more


This year droidcon NYC Call for Papers had a record number of talk submissions — 347! While this made for some very difficult decisions, it also made the best lineup ever, and we are very grateful for the level of community response and participation.

We’re proud to present the droidcon NYC 2018 lineup! Check it out -https://www.nyc.droidcon.com/sessions


We’re very excited to announce that Dan Kim will open droidcon NYC 2018 addressing the value of the community in his keynote ‘The future of our community is YOU”. He’ll share his thoughts about how this community has helped him (and others) grow, why that’s so important, and ultimately why it’s crucial for all of us to contribute.

Some Featured Talks

Writing Code That Lasts Forever by Jesse Wilson

Developers are perpetually fighting yesterday’s code. We need to conquer our immortal fears and build programs that evolve gracefully.

In this talk we’ll:
🗿 Discuss code that anticipates the future
🗿 Determine when to adopt frameworks and when not to!
🗿 Defy object-oriented principles
🗿 Speak about how good English leads to good Kotlin
🗿 Learn who will leave a legacy of code, and who will leave because of legacy code

This talk addresses some timeless problems in software development. Attendees will gain a permanent understanding of how to write maintainable code.

Dissecting the stdlib by Huyen Tue Dao

One of the best places to learn idiomatic Kotlin is the stdlib. Now I don’t mean just using the stdlib but going to the source, literally. In this session, we’ll look at some of the methods and tools inside the stdlib and dig into how they’re written to reveal intermediate to advanced language features, slick syntax and conventions, and high-level abstractions to help you write more fluent objects and interfaces. We’ll also take a few glances at the underlying bytecode to understand how and why the features work the way they do.

Breaking the Android ClassLoader

ClassLoaders are not new. They’ve existed since Java 1.0 and are a core part of how the JVM works. Things work a bit different under the hood in Android, but the core principles are the same and we, as Android developers, largely take it for granted. This talk will be a deep dive into how class loading works in Android and later explore the implications of trying to manipulate the application’s ClassLoader at runtime (for better or worse 🔥) in the context of logging, hot fixing, adding features, and interacting with 3rd party code.

New: Enterprise Track

Over 380 Million Android devices will ship for business use this year. At the first-ever Enterprise Track at droidcon NYC, speakers will share best practices in app development for enterprise including deployment, device management, security and Google’s latest enterprise management APIs. Stay tuned for more info on the Android Enterprise @ #DCNYC2018


We’ve got a couple ticket options, if you’re attending with your team then the group ticket might be the best option for you:

3 tickets for the price of 2 — $330 per ticket.

5 tickets for the price of 3 — $297 per ticket

Got a friend in Android? Get Buddy Pass: 2 for 1.5152 (Also valid for mortal enemies ;)

Get your tickets here — https://www.eventbrite.com/e/droidcon-nyc-2018-tickets-44601097082#tickets

Where To Stay

We have a conference hotel! The Williamsburg Hotel is only 10 min walk from the Brooklyn Expo Center and has great facilities with complimentary WiFi and rooftop pool — so don’t forget to pack your bathing suit ;)

Special rate for droidcon NYC attendees is $195/night. Reserve your room here. Special rate is valid until August 12th. More info about the hotel on our website.

Call To Sponsors

We still have a few sponsor spots left! Support the local Android community and have a presence at the show. Have cool products you want to showcase? Get in touch.