My Entrepreneurial Journey — From selling books to cleaning cars, all before 20 years old.

From a young age, I have seen how entrepreneurs operate. My dad is a successful entrepreneur, along side his business partner Bob Regnerus, they worked for years to create their company, FeedStories.

I have always watched and seen how my dad built his business up from the ground. I’ve watched as he works from home everyday, staying in his pajama’s whenever he wants.

I want that.

My First “Business Venture”

My first ever “business venture” was an online book store out of amazon. My dad would take me to goodwill, where there we would spend a good hour or so scanning books on amazon and seeing how much they are selling for.

Surprisingly, we’d find some books that were selling at goodwill for $2, and were selling on amazon for $20, USED!

As a young kid, probably around 9 or 10 years old, this was a great initial way to make some extra pocket money.

However, the issue was that I was a kid, wanting to do kid things. I didn’t really want to spend my entire weekend out of school in front of a computer and at home. I wanted to go play outside, hang out with my cousins, have fun- like kids do. So I found it hard to continue with constantly posting and checking on sales.

My Next “Business Venture”

After a couple years had passed, my dad came to me with another idea. I was about 14 at the time, in 8th grade. My dad told me that we could buy a box of 20 assorted candy bars for about $15.

I took those candy bars and sold them on the play ground and lunch room for $1. When all the candy bars were gone, $15 went back into another box, and I had made $5 profit.

Unfortunately, I was still a kid, and this took away from my recess and lunch time- which of course are the best parts about middle school. So much like the books, it was hard to find the motivation to keep doing it.

High School

I went all throughout high school really not thinking about business too much. I just wanted to have fun and hang out with my friends.

I started to think about business again my senior year, when I decided to go freelance with my skills.

At this point in my life I had been playing around with Graphic design as a hobby- I had gotten pretty good at it.

I decided to take it in a freelance direction when one of friends asked me to make him a youtube banner for his gaming channel. I posted my skills on Fiverr in hopes to get some more clientele.

I really didn’t understand marketing too much so all I really did was post and not do anything else with it. I got one maybe two clients from Fiverr, each taking me about a day to complete the projects- I made about $50 from both projects.

After High School

Once I graduated high school is when I seriously started to think about it. I had been introduced to multiple successful entrepreneurs that were allowing me to pick their brain for tips and tricks. I was consistently starting to think about new business ideas, and frankly- I was stumped.

I went about a year and a half wanting to come up with something, but having no ideas.

I tried many things from heavy meditation to eliminating distractions. I still had nothing.

Eventually, I just sort of gave up. Said it’ll come to me when it comes to me. Worrying about it gave me a lot of anxiety so I just decided to focus on my job at the time.

One day I decided it was time for me to clean my car, but I wanted to actually clean it. Not just vacuum and wipe it down- but scrub it. I went to walmart and bought all the stuff I needed (A small vacuum, detailer, leather care, protectant, brushes, etc), for around $60.

I took all that home, detailed my car and thought “Hey, I don’t mind doing this kind of work”. So I detailed my moms car for mothers day and that’s when I thought “Yeah, I can make money doing this”.

I sat down and looked at my expenses.

All the cleaning supplies= $60


By charging $100 or more, I would be making a good amount of profit. I’d be able to pay off all the cleaning supplies with just one job.

I started off by charging just $100, and as I got booked I worked my way to up eventually charging $125 for anything with 2 rows of seats and $150 for anything with 3.

This was a gold mine because of my location- there is hardly even a car wash anywhere around let alone a full detailer. So I decided to take it up one notch and make myself mobile, coming to the clients house or place of work for convenience.

I ended up making over $1000 the summer of 2021 by working no more than 4 hours a day and 3 days a week. I was really living the life.

The only issue with a business like that is that it is seasonal. It’s hard to detail a car in frigid cold weather without a building to do it in, which half the time I did it outside.

Due to me getting a second job, I really didn’t have much time to actually do it anymore.

Once the warm weather hits again, I intend to get back at it and expand my business from a general car detailing to a full cleaning service- pressure washing and everything.

Final Notes

From a young age I was indoctrinated into the entrepreneur lifestyle. Always trying to balance life with work becomes challenging for sure when you’re at a young age. But as I got older, I became more and more invested into it.

My hunger for becoming successful grew and grew into what it is now, and will continue to grow. My knowledge on business and marketing will continue to grow as I do.

Alec Boyd — Creative Designer.




Alec is a 20 year old entrepreneur with a talent and passion for writing. Alec loves Jiu Jitsu, everything and anything fitness related, and food.

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