How I made 5k+ Dribbble followers within 3 months and you can too.

Growing your audience on Dribbble may open up new opportunities for you.

My first shot was published in Dribbble on April 21, 2016. But I was never serious about it until one of my co-workers forced me to do it.Also after many years of Freelancing life, I was thinking to build a little audience, stay connected with them and share the knowledge and experience.

So finally I said ‘ok let’s do it’! And guess what? 3 months later I am writing this article.

What you will get if you go till the end of this article?

  • You will know the proper use of Dribbble Debut page, Recent page and Popular page.
  • How you can plan your weekly shots and get the best output from Dribbble.
  • Use of the Dribbble Tags and how do it in good ways.
  • Taking the 100% of Dribbble Pro feature.
  • Best time for posting on Dribbble.
  • And many more tips.

Why should you choose Dribbble, too…

  • A lot of big brands out there on Dribbble, you may get the lucky chance to work with them. 40k Companies have used Dribbble for hiring.
  • It will help you in many ways to build more new connections and you will be able to approach new people very easily.
  • A lot of new remote work opportunities will come along with part-time and full-time jobs.
  • You will be identified as an Expert in your field of work.
  • I saw many agencies are hiring remotely. In each month at least 1 people I know personally is getting hired by some agency.
  • One of the most important things is you will increase your Rates.

Why did I choose Dribbble over others?

But keep in mind that — it’s not just putting your works here and there and then simply closing the tab.

In my point of view its a relation I am building with my fellows.

If you visit my profile you can see on 22 March 2018 I have posted 1k celebration post. But before March 8 I had only 450+ followers. So 500+ followers within 13 days. After that, I just followed the same trick till I get 5000 followers (and maybe I will keep following it? ;) )

Ok enough of md shahadat (how to pronounce an Asian name anyway?)
now just tell me how I can get 5000 followers on Dribbble!

1. Make a proper plan (weekly & monthly) for Dribbble shots.

2. Don’t have enough time or enough works to show?

*If the contest is under NDA (specially happens in 99Designs) you cannot show that design on Dribbble or anywhere else unless you withdraw that design from the contest.

3. Make a follower base on a targeted niche/topic.

4. Taking 100% benefits of Dribbble Pro feature.

Only pro member can go here. Buy a pro cause it’s affordable

If you go to the Stats page you will able to see the analysis (only Pro members can do that) and also you will see your top 15 biggest fans and who you like most. Make sure you interact with them very well. :)

And also explore all the Pro features like Goods for sale and Playbook if you already have it. Also, make sure you are open to new opportunities.

5. Tags and uses of it on Dribbble.

6. Best time for Dribbble post.

Dhaka is 13 hours ahead of Pacific Time
12:06 AM Thursday, Pacific Time (PT) is
1:06 PM Thursday, Dhaka (GMT+6)

7. Proper use of comment, follow, like and bucket

If you go to the Debut page you will find the newcomers, give them a warm welcome! Only deliver 3–4 comments per hour and not more than 20 per day. And don’t burst into likes, for example - do not like 100 shots within 5 minutes. Who is mad enough to send away 300 likes on a day!

Bucket is a great way to save what inspires you. By using it properly you can hack some attention, too. But make sure you put only the good vibes inside the bucket.

8. Don’t just follow — make an impact.

9. Bonus points for designer’s networking.

If you can rebound shots from top designers and add a little of your style, too, the chances are huge to get known by their followers.

Make connections with other designers outside of Dribbble.

Add them on LinkedIn, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
There is a huge chance they will follow you back and it’s a good start of making a great friendship with other designers. You will grow your network on each and every social sites. The more you will connect the more your identity will become known.

Try to be featured on blog

They have a huge audience globally. They pick the most interesting designs from all over the internet and send them to their subscribers. So if your works are good and you are confident enough of your work, make sure to send them a link. If you are lucky enough to pass you will get highly exposed.

Conclusion — I have worked with more than 200 clients in the last 10 years. But even after all of it, I felt I missed something.

Meaning no offense to people who don’t like Dribbble as a portfolio site. But a follower base is very important for your own self. Dribbble really helped me to keep going. It keeps me inspired to DO MORE.

Very often potential clients want to see your Dribbble profile rather than your portfolio site and many of them want to see Dribbble profile along with portfolio site.

So if someone says something against Dribbble, you better ask them for their Dribbble profile ;)

If I missed something please feel free to add them in the comment section. :)

My next step is to increase my followers to 20K and beyond, so if you want to follow the process and the progress you might consider checking in my profile sometimes.
Happy Dribbling…

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