My New Book ‘Fixing Healthcare in Nigeria’


Virtually everyone I know — my family, my friends, my coworkers — have been touched by one or more shortcomings in the Nigerian healthcare system. And I suspect the same is true for you.

As a physician actively involved in providing critical care to those who desperately need it through Flying Doctors Nigeria Air Ambulance (, I may see the situation more closely and from a different perspective than many. However, I think anyone — rich or poor — can relate to and understand what I have observed and the ideas I have gathered from my years of experience and professional work.

If you look at the statistics translated into charts and graphs — and I have presented many here — the picture they paint can be gloomy. But the positive side of that is that whenever reform is started from a low point of development, it is easy to make the initial progress quickly, and that success can serve to fuel even more improvements; success builds on success.

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