Dr. Om J Lakhani

Recently I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the articles I had written three years back still active in circulation on WhatsApp.

This made me realize that well-written work has a life of its own and continues to teach, inspire and perhaps provoke people.


by Dr. Om J Lakhani

Prologue: “Sorry, I can’t afford your fees”

Picture a typical weekend for a middle-class family. The mall is often the best place to go on a lazy Sunday. A trip to the mall involves some shopping for the wife, some games for the kids in the play area, and a new shirt…

Dear Dr. Jagannath Dixit,

Let me start by saying this with all due respect to you. I read your credentials and you are a teacher at a reputable medical college. I have great respect and admiration for people who spend their lives teaching and passing the baton of knowledge.


Dr. Om J Lakhani

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