Drone’s have massively increased in popularity in recent years, and new applications for them are discovered everyday.

Drones are revolutionizing the way scientists observe, measure and monitor the natural environment. From mapping the patterns of wildfires, like those in California, to measuring the size of jellyfish populations, drones have the potential to improve our understanding of the natural environment.

Although we use different names to refer to drones — for example, remotely piloted aircraft systems or unmanned aerial systems/vehicles — there is strong consensus among the scientific community about their potential to improve our understanding of the natural world.

Technological advancements and commercial investments into the drone market has been phenomenal over the past 10 years, with…

It’s been a month of morning meetings and frantic coding. As we work on building the Dronair platform, we can happily say we’ve been growing in every direction. In the sections below, we’ll go over some of the amazing progress we’ve been making, across recruitment, development, hardware and overall system stability. Everything’s coming together and we’re glad you’re here to witness it!

Big Community

Today our community have reached 8000 members. It is so great that motivates to us work harder. We promise to make it stronger. Once again big thanks to our members for growing up with us.

Join our community…

CoinKeeper is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

How it work?

CoinKeeper offer an evaluation and analysis system for ICO, IEO, NCO, projects, and insurance for investors.
1. ICO
CoinKeeper creates a managerial foundation of ICO so that start-ups can draw up their plans and strategies for token sale. Raising funds through ICO on CoinKeeper will charge every start-up 0,5 BTC for the entire process including : Token Information, User Management, Presale ICO, Dashboard Publisher, Comments & Rate, Insurance, Altcoin Support with BTC, ETH(+1700 altcoins), History Transaction, News Manager, Referral Program, Export API User & Block. As ICO finishes, start-ups will decide whether to list their projects on CoinKeeper or not. Also, they…

Workers can come out on top in the technology revolution by focusing on improving relevant digital skills

Technology-driven automation plays a critical role in the global economy, and its visibility in our lives is growing.

As technology impacts more and more jobs, individuals and enterprises find themselves wondering what effect the current wave of automation will have on their future economic prospects.

Advances in robotics and AI have led to modern commercial drone technology, which is changing the fundamental way enterprises interact with the world.

Drones bridge the physical and digital worlds. They enable companies to combine the power of scalable computing resources with pervasive, affordable sensors that can go anywhere.

This creates an environment in which…

Drones are more than just cool-looking flying objects. Their real value lies in their ability to quickly and efficiently gather and analyze information on assets, geography, infrastructure, environmental trends and other important data that can be used to drive actional business insights.

So we have to ask: what could be more critical than information on the world’s food supply?

While agricultural and farming enterprises are relatively recent adopters of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the characteristics of drone data collection, such as easy transportability, real-time results and relatively low costs (compared to other data gathering options) lend themselves to frequent updates…

By using drones to deliver goods, even far-flung places become instantly accessible.

The power of technology to bring positive change is well documented and well understood across the planet. However, when its benefits are distributed unequally across different strata of society, technology creates barriers, dividing peoples and inhibiting social development and economic growth. This so-called “digital divide” is something we at JD.com, a Chinese e-commerce company, and the World Economic Forum are striving to narrow.

In our experience, we have seen how the right technology, employed in the right way, can instead create bridges. A recent example is commercial drone delivery.

By using drones to deliver goods, even the most far-flung, hard…

Dronair project will be airdropped our token $DAIR for community. Airdrop event will start on December 17, 2019. The total airdrop cost will be paid by us, drawn from our marketing fund.

DRONAIR Cargo Robotics Has Built-In AI And Facial Recognition System

The best aspect of the Dronair is its facial recognition and artificial intelligence, allowing you to use features that let the drone orbit around you and follow you.

It can even take excellent photo of customer by recognizing facial patterns and structure.

How to participate in this airdrop?

1. Follow our twitter and retweet this post with hashtag #dronair #dronairproject #airdrop #merrychristmas : https://twitter.com/dronair_project/status/1206512479473242112

2. Follow our medium and claps our post: https://medium.com/@dronair_project


This campaign will run for 1 month.
Stakes you will get from the campaign will allow you to receive DAIR tokens at the end of the campaign.
You will receive 667.000.000 DAIR =100k$ , based on your number of stakes.

For more detail in here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5209702.new&fbclid=IwAR2qkdkD8hDSw9fJ5etMeOT0Zs9OJiKIxgUGJw7dBL72LQjWGzYg-XSWTUI

Bounty Campaign structure:

Part 1: Twitter Campaign : 15% of bounty
Part 2: Content Creation: 20% of bounty
Part 3: Video Campaign: 20% of bounty
Part 4: Telegram Campaign: 15% of bounty
Part 5: BitcoinTalk Translation Campaign: 10% of bounty
Part 6: BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign: 20% of bounty

General Rules

Bounty Campaign : 15 December- 19…

The first home delivery drone service has been launched in Australia, after years of test flights.

Wing, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, will deliver takeaway food, coffee and medicines by drone to about 100 homes in Canberra.

It has been testing its drones in Australia since 2014 but many residents had complained about the noise.

Wing said the feedback obtained during its trials had been “valuable” and it hoped to “continue the dialogue”.

Australia’s aviation authority gave Wing permission to launch a commercial service after examining its safety record and operational plans.

It judged that the company posed no…

Google parent Alphabet Inc’s drone service made its first air delivery in North Canberra, Australia, on Tuesday after getting approval from the country’s civil aviation authority.

Wing, the company’s drone delivery arm, said the delivery service will be available to a limited set of eligible homes in the suburbs of Crace, Palmerston and Franklin and would gradually expand to customers in Harrison and Gungahlin.

“Wing has been testing drone delivery in Australia since 2014. …

Dronair Project

The Best Operating Platform for Cargo Robotics Industry!

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