Reliable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that are capable of performing long-duration missions autonomously received a lot of attention during the past years. Numerous applications such as the delivery of packages, surveillance and the acquisition of scientific data over a longer period of time are of particular interest to the industry.

Example of a single sortie as performed during the “Long-Duration Autonomy for Small Rotorcraft UAS including Recharging” project

Christian Brommer (AAU), Danylo Malyuta(UW), Daniel Hentzen(JPL) and Roland Brockers(JPL) conducted profound research and engineering to develop a high-level autonomy framework that is capable of performing autonomous long-duration missions without humans in the loop. …


The field of swarm robotics is a rapidly developing and interesting subject to study, especially with regard to drone swarms. At Alpen-Adria-Universität, multiple research groups are exploring this concept in their work. In such a system, as in any multi-agent setup, communication is an important factor. Unfortunately, there are no popular comprehensive tools designed to monitor and measure moving or flying ad-hoc networks. The goal of this project is to create such a tool that can later be used by the Karl Popper Kolleg on Networked Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (KPK NAV).


  1. Based on studies of the current state of research and technology, propose multiple parameters describing the quality of communication links, covering throughput (data rate), latency, and reliability measures. …

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