A jupyter notebook with crop analysis algorithms utilizing digital elevation models, dtm and multi-spectral imagery (R-G-B-NIR-Rededge-Thermal) from a sensor processed with .

Due to limitations on git file sizes, you will need to download the GeoTIFF data for this project from the following url:

In this article we will process a combination of Oblique and NADIR aerial imagery using Remote Expert. We are working with an example imagery of Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado.

At 6,450 feet above sea level, Red Rocks Park is a unique transitional zone where the Great Plains meet the…

is a Windows based photogrammetry software package that allows the end user to generate highly accurate 3D Models, Digital Elevation Models, Orthomosaics and Point Clouds from drone or aerial imagery. It has support for Ground Control Points, GPS EXIF and RTK/PPK EXIF tags. …

is a free and open source project that allows anyone to easily process drone imagery on their native Linux install or via Docker. The project was forked from (OpenDroneMap) and is backwards compatible with the WebODM GUI. The project provides a lightweight REST API to the very powerful…

Jon-Pierre Stoermer

Founder & CTO of

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