This interview is with Olya Irzak, CEO and Founder of Frost Methane. Frost Methane aims to mitigate methane leaks in the permafrost using new devices and technologies to flare methane.

DroneSeed is all about using drone swarms to make reforestation automated and scalable to mitigate climate change, and is always interested in learning what others in the industry are doing. This interview is led by Grant Canary, CEO of DroneSeed.

Grant: I’m really excited to have you and get a moment of your attention. Olya Irzak; you worked at Google Energy, Google X, with solar electric on village mini-grids in…


We plant trees with drone swarms & spray to protect them. We work with 3 of the largest foresters in the US. Founder/CEO, Grant Canary, talks startups w/others.

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