Cutting Lucio’s aura range is probably going to hurt less experienced players but we’ll see.
Gerald Franklin

I’m still new to Medium so I’m not certain if this is the right way to reply to your response but here goes :P

I agree that in that case, it kind of falls off, but at the same time, it doesn’t need to be good in EVERY situation. Now that I think of it though, maybe a way to cover that vulnerability would be to make it so while his E is active, the “max” speed boost gained from being close would be applied to all ranges.
I actually thought about the change more and I’m more concerned for lower levels of play. Lucios who try to wall-ride to be a nuisance or even flank the enemy team might start getting flamed to get back to the team to give others heals. I’m all for teamwork/coordination, but the change kinda restricts Lucios to a specific playstyle in order to actually contribute.

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