Overwatch —Current Bastion, PTR Ana, and Orisa

So between some changes that have been made on live, potential changes that have been recently tested on the PTR, and the introduction of a new character, I felt that i was high-time to make an Overwatch post. This post will largely be discussing the changes to Bastion, the adjustments to Ana on the PTR, and Orisa.

Bastion Rework

The list of changes can be found here. One thing to note that since these changes, Ironclad was nerfed to provide a 20% damage reduction, not 35%.

I REALLY like the changes to Configuration: Recon. While the original concept of Recon mode being intentionally weak to compensate for a strong Sentry mode made sense, being in Sentry mode 90% of the time is not the most stimulating of gameplay for either the Bastion or their opponents. Empowering players to be able to fight in Recon mode a bit more adds more decision making and diversity to Bastion’s playstyle.

Ironclad is a decent idea, but definitely needs to be monitored, as it can very subtly lean toward the overpowered side of the power spectrum, even after the recent nerf. In Sentry mode, Ironclad makes sense, as it helps to compensate for having absolutely no mobility. It also makes sense to have it on Configuration: Tank, as it replaces the armor that Tank mode used to give, and enables Bastion to charge into the fray with his ultimate without fear of being instantly killed.

The ability to move while repairing feels awkward, but I like that it adds a small amount of power to Recon mode. I’m not a huge fan of Repair not being interrupted by damage though. Repairing in Sentry mode with Ironclad already reducing damage taken feels stronger than it should be, even if Repair is limited by a “resource” bar. Here’s an example. Granted, there is a Mercy helping, but it could be strongly argued that a “Nano-Blading” Genji is not something that should just be face-tanked.

Ana PTR Nerfs

Relevant PTR change list found here. One thing to note is that the nerfs on the PTR were reverted very recently, but they are still worth discussing as she pulls pretty serious numbers while still having extreme utility. I’m also an Ana main by a fairly large margin, so this topic is particularly noteworthy to me.

Regarding nerfing Ana’s rifle damage by 25%, I’m actually okay on the idea of nerfing its damage. Her identity tends to revolve largely around healing and utility through her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade’s effects.

However, the idea of reducing her Biotic Grenade’s healing from 100 to 50 definitely feels wrong. With the grenade being Ana’s only real way of self-healing, it’s important that it heals for a good amount. This is further supported by the fact that Ana players often need to decided between using their grenade for themselves, distant allies, or against enemies for heal-blocking. Having to make smart decisions on the fly should definitely be rewarded.

I’m also not big on nerfing the grenade’s damage from 60 to 30. Ana being flanked in the backline by a Tracer, Genji, McCree, or Soldier 76 is a very common occurance. While it’s okay to not do high damage at long range via her rifle, she still needs to have some form of dueling potential. Given that she has no actual mobility abilities to evade or escape, reducing the damage of both her rifle and her Biotic Grenade would leave her completely helpless in such situations.

However, I still agree that overall her kit is too potent in too many aspects (high healing, moderate-high damage, high utility). Two changes I would really like to see tested is to either increase the grenade’s cooldown by 1–3 seconds or have it reduce enemy healing taken by a percentage, rather than completely blocking it. An increase to the cooldown would cause the decision-making behind the grenade to become much more important. On the other hand, having the grenade reduce healing would not completely doom enemies in the middle of a fight, but still give Ana’s team a tactical advantage.


I’ll likely give Orisa her own full post in the future once she goes through more tuning in the PTR, but I feel that her introduction warrants at least some initial discussion. Overall, she has a very interesting identity, appearing to be a tank-support hybrid. Her abilities are interesting, though definitely need tweaking. One thing that really stands out to me however is her ultimate: Supercharger. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I feel that while reading why, it’s important to bear in mind that it is still on the PTR and is therefore subject to change.

This may come down to a matter of personal opinion, but I feel that ultimates should be high-impact moments in the game where players affected or nearby can really notice or “feel” its effects. Compared to other ults like those of Sombra, Hanzo, Lucio, Zenyatta, and others, Orisa’s ultimate is effectively just “Hey I put this thing on the ground” and doesn’t really feel like a “high point” of a fight.

Supercharger also doesn’t feel like it offers anything new. When Ana and Sombra ultimates were revealed, they introduced brand new mechanics that had a lot of untold potential. Orisa’s ultimate is basically a Symmetra Shield Generator that instead shoots out Mercy’s Damage Boost beams to allies in line-of-sight. It could be argued that Supercharger basically “recycles” existing technology/mechanics.

A potential idea for her ultimate could be to create a large slowing field around herself that moves with her. For reference, it could be something like a larger Mei ultimate, but doesn’t freeze, and could have one or both of these additional effects:

  • Slows affected enemies’ rate of fire by some %.
  • Slows enemy projectiles in the zone, similar to Missile Dampening from Diablo 3. This effect might be trickier to do with hit-scan or beam/cone weapons like Widowmaker/Mei/Winston/Symmetra/Zarya (Or beams/hit scan weapons could just not be affected at all).

This ultimate would not only introduce a new mechanic to the game, but it would also stay consistent with Orisa’s theme of being a security robot from a “lockdown/suppression” standpoint. It would also encourage teammates to fight alongside Orisa as she adds some temporary control over the battlefield.

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