Liquidity First!

If you haven’t seen DDD in your wallet, please refer to

DDD tokens can now be converted to NAC or PIN. It's your choice. Hurry up!

  1. NAC ( Deadline for registration is 17:00 GMT on January 27, 2018 (Hurry up!). NAC is scheduled to be listed on NAC Internal Exchange and public exchanges in February 2018.
  2. PIN ( Deadline for depositing DDD for conversion is 23:59 GMT on February 15, 2018. After depositing DDD on PIN Portal, you can convert DDD to PIN at your pace. PIN is already listed on and scheduled to be listed on PIN Internal Exchange in February 2018.

Besides, you can trade DDD on EtherDelta.

If you have any other feedback, please refer to

Please hurry because we will stop responding to any related inquiry received after January 31st, 2018.

The burning of excess DDD tokens took place less than 24 hours ago.

As we mentioned in our white paper, a total of 3.8 billion DDD tokens were minted, out of which 5.2% was allocated to the public via our token sale, promotions, and partnership programs.

We announce that the excess of 3,600,428,672.41074 DDD tokens were burned by being transferred to 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD.

The number of existing DDD tokens is 199,542,045.2908, out of which there are 153,337,122.0276 DDD tokens in circulation. After the conversion of DDD to other cryptocurrencies is complete, more excess DDD tokens will be burned or locked.

Our frozen Parity wallets are listed below. For more information about this global Crypto Natural Disaster, please refer to here and here.

  • 0xd7dfc49e5d13f77830029134fb06f5fa6d5e8ec4
  • 0x3FCB02A27dc60573a0Cb9bFf9528fcd77e78D734
  • 0x0D8c9B040651F621ee26f076C57910E86Aab0bC0


Each Parity multisig wallet is a smart contract — or a software running on the blockchain. This software runs some code in a library…

Most lenders/investors are focussed on the business models of their targets. Successful business models attract lenders/investors like swarms of bees. With their success they become identifiable bankable/investible risks. In turn the financial community sets store by their attributes as key criteria for the templates for decision making.

Lending and investing…


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