Dex Platform 2.0

UI Interface

Dex Features

Want to only re-contribute a portion and take out the rest? Now you can
  • Split returns. You can now dedicate percentages of Dex realized returns to separate location, such as auto re-contribute 50% and send 50% to your user or external wallet. You can also now reinvest to your Dropil portal instead of just external address.
You can now add to Dex whenever you want.
  • Intra-cycle Drop modification: You can send more Drops to Dex in the middle of your cycle, your deposit will be automatically applied to your next cycle. You can also cancel this request later.
Qued up changes will show up at the top of your settings with ability to cancel
  • Modify your current Dex settings: You can now change your risk mode and payout options in the middle of your cycle. Just like adding more Drops, your changes will take effect at the beginning of the next cycle
Automatic calculation of changes to unrealized returns if you cancel prior to end of cycle
  • Cancel only a portion of your Dex cycle: Until now you had to cancel the entire Dex investment if you wanted to withdraw prior to the maturity of your 15-day cycle. You now have the option to only take out a portion; you will forfeit a proportional amount of the unrealized return.
Trading performance at your finger tips
  • Improved analytics and reporting: Enhanced analytics include more to the second cycle clock and other Dex related statistics.

Security Improvements

Have an option to add 2FA verification to almost any operation

Ticketing done right:

Enjoy a stronger support experience

Personal Dex Assistant

Get details from the Dex System right from your telegram.

Ton of Bug Fixes

More to come




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