Letter to 18 year old me.

Hey girl 😊

I have decided to reach out to you. Seeing that am older…therefore a wiser 😏. So let’s get down to it.

  1. You remember how you would cry at night on how you aren’t beautiful enough because of acne and weight? Suprise! You still got acne girl. Weight not so much. What is the moral of the story? See it doesn’t matter…what you look like. Because what matters is what you look like on the inside.
  2. If I were you I would start running kidogo. Trust me
  3. Read, read , read. It increases brain capacity
  4. Along the way you will want to dye your hair. And let me tell you right now that will be among the worst mistakes of your life. End up looking like a clown but hey. ..mistakes maketh man
  5. Tell your grandparents you love them more often.
  6. Tell your parent you love them more often.
  7. Stop watching funny things on vampires and thinking about how you want a vampire boyfriend. I am still judging myself for that
  8. Stop with all the baggy clothes! You are beautiful with nothing to hide
  9. You might want to tone down on the perfume. Ending up smelling like you bathed in the bottle. Like girl??
  10. Take care of your hair
  11. Pray pray pray pray pray.
  12. It doesn’t matter who you like now..you might not like then in 5 years or you might be engaged to them. Enjoy the journey
  13. Stay behind after class. That’s when connections are made. Hii mambo ya kukimbia immediately after class ikome Saa hii
  14. Start volunteering early in life. Remember you were placed on earth not to be loved but to love. Not to be understood but to understand.
  15. Always remember to give without remembering and receive without forgetting.
  16. Get a dog.
  17. Take care of said dog
  18. Don’t let said dog run away (like dogs are the most faithful creatures. How does it run away from you? Trust me…you are in for a ride my friend)
  19. It is never that serious. Nothing is ever that series. So breathe. And handle it.
  20. Live without expecting anything in return.
  21. Remember to live life. You are beautiful.
  22. Invest in good shoes. Hii cheap cheap will take you nowhere.
  23. You have so many fun stories to accumulate in your life. Enjoy them all.
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