Fine, Don’t Hire Me! — 5 Tips for DIY Social Media

Basil Jackson
Aug 18, 2017 · 6 min read

Okay, so for whatever reason, you ignored your friends’ and colleagues’ advice and you went solo for your social media production. Great, no sweat off my back (even though I know I would have done a great job on your project). And you’re doing okay too… that is until you realized that you don’t really know the first thing when it comes to social media. [Insert funny picture of someone drowning in responsibility/problems].

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Pokemon is still cool right?

Sure, you might know social media, but do you know social media. Yeah I didn’t think so. But that’s okay, I’m here to help. Hi there — my name’s Basil, and I do social media for a living. While I cannot and will not claim that I know everything, I’ve picked up a thing or two. Whether it be through the “pure osmosis” that occurs from being in the field, or the insane amount of social media news/articles that I consume daily, I would say I’ve acquired a good deal of knowledge for someone my age. And with that knowledge I can tell you that if you don’t do social media on a regular basis, you should just go ahead and pay someone else. That’s not a hidden *Will do consulting for you* message or anything.

On the other hand you might be an entrepreneur, a part of a small-medium business, or was just brought into a marketing team of one. If you just started hyperventilating, it’s alright, I did the same thing at my first gig. Trust me *in my best Rob Schneider voice* “You can do it!” And here are five straightforward, and did I mention totally do-able, tips for you to hit the ground running.

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I looked at stock photos of roads for 2 hours, this was the most unique one I could find
  1. Start with a plan — Just like when you’re on a road trip, you have to know where you’re going and how you’ll know when you got there. This is the most essential (and easily skip-able) step. If you’re like me and your mind moves too fast for you to sit down and think through a truly comprehensive plan, that’s okay — as long as you have something. Even if it’s just a back of napkin, five bullet plan, that’s so much better than nothing. Of course, the better i.e. more specific the plan is, the better your outcomes will be, but I also understand that sometimes you need to use your momentum to do rather than just sit. So before you get started, I challenge you to sit for at least two hours and think about the following: Who is your audience; What content do you want to produce for them; Where (what channels) is this content going to be; When (what times) are you going to post; What action do you want after viewing your content; and Why should your content be important to them. I did the math and that’s 30 minutes a question, that should be a fair amount of time starting out. If that doesn’t help you, take a look at Hootsuite’s 6 Steps on How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan. It’s a pretty basic guide that can also get you started in the right direction.

Now you’re all set, go forth into the world of social media and kick some serious butt! To be honest, there’s no one stopping you from succeeding but you. Take it from my man Gary Vaynerchuk,

“There’s no excuse for not talking to the world”

…And with that I’ll look forward to talking with you next time. Have a great day!

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