Our Investment in Atom Computing

By: Dror Berman and Davis Treybig

For decades, the power of computers has progressed in a seemingly inevitable fashion, tackling more and more of the challenges our world has to offer. However, many of the world’s most impactful questions have evaded this progress. Materials development, biological simulations, pharmaceutical simulations, delivery network optimizations, and weather models are a few examples of areas where the messiness of real-world data has made it harder to make computational progress. These multidimensional problems are very hard to distill into bits, the 0s and 1s that traditionally represent the way information is encoded in computers. While…

Hiking the Mist Trail at Yosemite National Park.

We are excited to welcome Amir Shevat, our newest Venture Partner at Innovation Endeavors. We’ve known Amir for a long time — as a highly-skilled entrepreneur, experienced mentor among the developer community, and as a sophisticated Werewolf player within our own Curiosity Camp community. :)

Over the past year, Amir and I have kept in touch through a weekly hiking group I’ve put together. The hikes have been a great way to process this sort-of time travel we’ve all been experiencing. We talk a lot at Innovation Endeavors about the Super Evolution, so it’s been interesting to see major, rapid…

By Dror Berman

Protein motion is being visualized in living cells. Individual proteins are labeled in white, nuclear DNA is labeled in blue.

It is human nature to ask “Why.” Over the course of time, we have examined life’s biggest questions more and more closely. This has led to core scientific understandings about our world: the discovery of penicillin and antibiotics; the development of the central dogma of molecular biology; the sequencing of the human genome; the advent of gene editing, and more.

In recent decades, scientists have made enormous breakthroughs in how we’re able to explain, decode, and see life’s building blocks. But research methods are still falling short in several major ways. We have more ways to sample…

The growth of e-commerce and rapid rise in consumer expectations around selection, cost, and convenience have left many businesses scrambling. To better serve their customers, they must keep a wide range of inventory distributed across the urban landscape — a massively costly endeavor given that demand is unpredictable and deliveries are small but frequent; not to mention dealing with reverse logistics.

There have been numerous forays aiming to apply autonomy to logistics, but all leave a critical gap. Autonomous trucks can decrease long-haul freight costs, but aren’t of use in urban environments. Small-format road or sidewalk robots may one day…

Deep Life companies are combining life science and computer science to deliver scientific dramatic breakthroughs: Bolt Threads uses synthetic biology to test and develop new proteins that imitate spider silk; Freenome uses AI to analyze blood plasma to detect early signs of cancer; the Karius Test uses powerful computing to detect over 1,000 pathogens from a single blood draw within 24 hours.

Two of the most consequential scientific fields in history — life science and computer science — are coming together to create an enormous opportunity

By: Dror Berman, Caleb Appleton, and Sara Ahmed Holman

At a lab in Redwood City, Calif., a Karius lab tech operates a high throughput liquid handling robot, which processes blood samples from ill patients across the country. When the delicate process ends, hundreds of millions of data points are available for an algorithm to sift through in search of rogue DNA — an infectious disease that doesn’t belong there. Known as “the Karius Test,” named for…

Announcing our Investment in Farmer’s Fridge

Photo courtesy of Farmer’s Fridge

We live in the most obese nation in the world. 38% of American adults (aged 15 and over) are obese, and that rate is expected to increase to 47% by 2030. It’s a costly problem: an obese person annually spends an incremental $2,741 on medical costs, and on a national level obesity drives $200 billion or ~20% of total US healthcare costs. We eat more than we used to — about 24% more calories than in 1961 — but that’s only part of the story.

For decades, innovation in food processing and artificial ingredients…

Announcing Innovation Endeavors III, a $333-million fund for technologists accelerating a super evolution of industry

By: Eric Schmidt and Dror Berman

We live in a mega-evolutionary era in which a significant event — in this case, the increasing pace of technology development — causes radical, multi-generational change. The result: A super evolution.

Driven by technologists, scientists, and engineers, the process of super evolution will fundamentally, irrevocably transform industries as wide-ranging as agriculture, logistics and healthcare, as well as computing, finance and transportation.

At Innovation Endeavors, we can’t imagine anything more challenging or rewarding than partnering with the inventors and entrepreneurs…

Announcing our Investment in Vicarious Surgical

By: Dror Berman and Caleb Appleton

The Vicarious Surgical Team

Dystopian futures have always captured our imagination: From Blade Runner and The Terminator to West World, we have indulged our private fears that one day, more-intelligent robots would destroy humanity. At a minimum, we told ourselves, robots will take all our jobs and render us obsolete. But what if we were wrong?

What would the future look like if robots were tasked with making our lives better?

It might look more like reality. It might look like Vicarious Surgical, a company that is using miniaturized robotics and virtual…

The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.

- Arie de Geus

These days, “Internet-native” founders and startups have fully internalized de Geus’ wisdom of agility. They recognize rapid iteration and learning are strategic imperatives, and adeptly employ agile development methodologies, granular instrumentation, large-scale compute and data infrastructure and cutting-edge machine learning to maintain their edge.

But this mindset and approach are largely confined to the software and services world. Look outside of it and you’ll find a wide range of industries — some hundreds of billions of dollars in value — that…

2015 was an exciting year in AgTech. As a Farm2050 collective, we looked at 531 companies and made over 100 introductions between startups and our partners. We were inspired by these entrepreneurs’ aspirations to rethink the food system and how we can feed a growing population. From seeds to food processing, we learned about the complexity of the system, the challenges ahead, and where the opportunities are. Our experiences in talking to experts, meeting with startups, attending conferences, and meeting with farmers over the last 12 months taught us some key lessons about the industry and innovation landscape. We’ve learned:

Dror Berman

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