How a new thing begins

Dror Blumenthal

Being an independent thinker is hard when you are 39, While it’s almost impossible to work for any one, my family needs constant support and certainty in life.

My last venture was TravelersBox, with my longtime partner Idan Deshe and with Tomer Zussman, I jumped quickly towards a huge challenge and decided to disrupt the money exchange and payment industries. Without even hesitating Idan and I sold our shares at Ecaliptoos new media and experienced for the first the “Startup nation experience”.

After 3 years of bootstrapping and a total of 6M$ in funding, we raised a series A round, almost 10M$. We felt that finally we got our chance to make it happen. But, as often happens, a few days later I founded myself out of the company I helped to found.

The new Singaporean VC changed the company’s focus and decided to move the marketing team to the east and my position as the CMO came to an end. I kept my shares and went a long, heart broken, towards the unknown.

— -

I needed to figure out fast what to do but didn’t have my longtime partner Idan and my energy with me.

A year later, I met a new group.

Ron Porat, Yoran Sirkis and a group of outstanding tech savages and Cyber security experts.

We met a few times and I felt great to share my marketing and entrepreneurial experience with this inspiring group of individuals. I felt my juice is back and my energies raising to face a new challenge.

The challenge: designing and developing a real smart solution for a huge pain.

Cyberbullying, online Pedophiles, online Predators, dangerous content and screen addiction are all life-threatening phenomenon’s for kids in our age.

Yet, the solutions out there are not mature enough and can’t really help parents protect kids online. The market seems to understand the problem but, mostly ignores it or disappointed from the solutions.

I have 3 beautiful daughters+one on the way. My oldest, Shay Lee, is 7 years old and in a few months she will get my old Iphone with her own number and will start her digital journey in life, independent journey.

With this strong reason why, I decided it’s the most important project I could ever be a part of. So… even with the risk of failing, loosing certainty, I’m obligated to jump back to the water of entrepreneurship.

Back to bootstrapping,

back to basic.

Long product sessions,

long hours researching the competitors and the competitive land scape,

back to “hands on” marketing planning and executing.

back to basic.

One other thing, on this journey, I decided to write down my experiences, at list once a week, to share my journey.

My mission is to be a part of a team that will create the best solution on the planet for kid’s protection online. It’s a mission from God!

The project name is: Shieldren.

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